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We sell home heating oil, clear kerosene, gasoline and on-road and off-road diesel delivered to your home, farm, business or job site.  Our minimum fuel delivery is 100 gallons.  To get the best price you must order 150 gallons or more.

OR STOP IN FOR PICKUP (If you like, stay in your car!)

We still offer full service at our pumps for regular unleaded gas, recreational gas, on-road diesel, clear kerosene and VP 110 racing fuel.

Heating oil and off-road diesel are available from our bulk rack.  We offer a $.30 discount on rack purchases of 50 gallons or more in one container.

All of our diesel is treated with Schaeffer's 137B Treatment.

Current Fuel Prices

VP 110 Leaded Racing Fuel $9.079
Home Heating Oil $2.999
Clear Kerosene $3.999
On Road Diesel


Recreational Gas (no ethanol)         $4.199