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In 1932, Edwin Wichard, left his job at Ford Motor Company, moved his family to Bethel and opened a service station. Ed pumped the gas, checked the oil and put air in the tires, but updated and expanded his product offerings as the market demanded. He added fuel delivery, sold tires, batteries and other car accessories.

In 1967, Ed's son, Robert Wichard, bought the company and proceeded to expand on the good base his father had built. The most significant improvement came in the early '90s, when Bob installed an up to date bulk fuel plant. The new facility allowed him to service his growing number of residential and business customers, but also gave him the capacity to sell fuel to other dealers.

At a time when most locally owned gas stations and fuel delivery companies had disappeared because of new competition, increased regulation and higher costs of doing business, Wichard's was still a thriving company.

Today, two of Bob's children Mark Wichard and Sue Church, own and operate Wichard Oil, LLC. They still pump the gas, check the oil and put air in the tires, and a whole lot more.

Wichard's is still thriving and growing to meet the needs of its customers